Meditopia for Work
All-in one mental health support for your team
Give your employees peace of mind through mindfully crafted content and 1-1 psychologist support.
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Daily meditations and articles for all your challenges

If you don't know how to begin meditating, we will teach you from scratch. You will also receive daily content to support your journey, and begin to see small improvements every day. Can't meditate? No problem, just listen or read!

Sleep meditations, stories and nature sounds for a good night sleep

Improve your sleep with our nature sounds, specially crafted sleep stories, and guided meditations. Wake up refreshed and ready to face your daily challenges.

The biggest and most exclusive content library in the world, prepared by experts

Listen to 1000+ pieces of content about a wide spectrum of emotions. Including enhancing focus, developing motivation, understanding relationships, reducing stress, handling anxiety, overcoming insomnia, and more.