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Meditation is bringing awareness to the present moment through different methods. There are a variety of techniques used for meditation, which are called anchors, to bring awareness to what’s happening in the here and now. For instance observing the breathing, focusing on the sensations at a particular part of the body, repeating a mantra or a loving-kindness statement or simply focusing on the sounds or a music. These practices uses these elements as tools to bring one's attention back to the present moment.

Meditation is not “thoughtlessness,” a state which is impossible to achieve by our very human nature and the way our brains are wired. Meditation techniques simply help us to cultivate the ability to observe our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the world around us. You’ll often feel calmer, more focused, and less stressed as a result of this practice.

Cultivating awareness and compassion through meditation and focused attention can help open up space for observing thoughts and feelings. This might sound tricky at first, but there are plenty of techniques that can help you begin your practice with ease.

3 Minutes Meditation

3 Minutes Meditations for Relaxation